About Us

Keith and Mary Trowbridge, the owners are both qualified nurses andmaintain a very high degree of personal involvement. They feel that this helps them to provide continuity of care and to maintain the high standards they have laid down.

At Ashgrove House our aim is to care for people on an individual basis and provide maximum quality of life with special attention to preserving dignity, independence and self-esteem throughout ones stay. It is also our aim to help people recover sufficiently to return home whenever possible and when desired.

Our Aims:

Safety and Fulfilment
To always provide a happy relaxed, homely and caring atmosphere,where a client can feel comfortable, safe, secure and fulfiled.
Individual Care
To care for clients as individuals, by ensuring personal needs, desires and wishes, both expressed and unexpressed, are catered for.
Maintaining Independence
To encourage each individual client to gain maximum independence.
Clients Rights
To always respect a clients individual rights as a citizen.
Privacy and Dignity
To ensure that each individual’s privacy and dignity is protected at all times.
Autonomy and Choice
To always help clients exercise choice and control over their lives.
Care of the Whole Person
To always consider and make provision for each individual’s social and psychological needs as well as his/her physical and environmental needs.
Care of Family and Friends
To provide help and support and care for a clients family and close friends.
Care of the Dying Person
A person with a terminal illness will be helped to live life fully and with dignity and comfort. Death will not be precipitated nor postponed. Pain and other distressing symptoms will be alleviated to as great a degree as possible, within the individuals wishes, using pharmacological and non-pharmacological means.
Care of Our Staff
To invest in our staff so that they have the skills and abilities toprovide the high standards of care that have been set down, and alsoto provide them with personal development opportunities for mutualgain, whilst ensuring they feel valued as members of a team.