Activities and Entertainment

There is a comprehensive range of activities at Ashgrove House. We have our own activity team led by our own activities specialist Hilary Grout R.G.N.

We pride ourselves on the many, varied and innovative activities freely offered to all clients at Ashgrove House.

Clients activities needs are considered on an individual basis. We endeavour to provide for your social and psychological needs aswell as your physical and spiritual needs. Clients are encouraged to maintain any hobbies and leisure activities they may have as well as develop new ones.


Social activities include coffee mornings, cheese and wine parties, meetings, discussions and a variety of group activities both inside and outside the home, including pub trips, and days out. Entertainers, musicians and theatre troupes visit the home on a regular basis. We also have regular tasting sessions of unusual or foreign foods and drink.
Mental Stimulation
Mental stimulation is provided through a variety of quizzes, crosswords,word and number games including bingo, scrabble and card games. We have a team of volunteers who have time to talk, befriend or simply play a game of draughts.
Physical Stimulation
Physically stimulating activities such as exercise to music, skittles, hoopla and Jabadeo are always popular pastimes and go towards improving dexterity and co-ordination. Some pastimes encompass both creative and physical skills such as craftwork, flower arranging and painting. We make our own cards for special occasions and these are available to purchase. All proceeds are ploughed back into new activities.
Internet Access
A separate clients computer with internet access is available 24hrs a day.
We have mobile Snoozelem equipment which can be set up anywhere in the home. This can be used to stimulate all five senses at once. A fantastic lightshow is incorporated. The equipment can have a dramatic and positive effect on an individuals mood, and general outlook and well being.
Holy Communion is celebrated weekly and there is a monthly ‘songs of praise’ in the home. Clergy of most denominations currently visit and helpis provided to attend the church of your choice if desired.
Outside Interests
We do our best to facilitate individual needs outside the home. We are fortunate to have a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles and drivers tohelp clients travel to their destinations.

Examples: Day Centres, Clubs, Educational Institutions and HydrotherapyPools. For certain activities there is an extra charge, although the transportis normally provided free.

There is normally at least one general outing each week to parks and gardens, the seaside, shopping centres, the theatre, museums and places of interest.

Friends and relatives are more than welcome to join in any of the activities.